If you’ve participated in Rotary Youth Exchange, you probably know that your exchange experience does not end the moment you return home. From your time abroad, you gained insight into how people from other cultures view the world, and as such, you now likely view your native country and culture in a different light. Just because you’ve returned, that doesn’t mean your participation in Rotary Youth Exchange must come to an end.

What is Rotex?

Rotex is a Rotary Youth Exchange alumni program for students who have successfully completed their exchange abroad and want to continue working with Rotary Youth Exchange as program ambassadors. Rotex advocates for the program with clubs and prospective outbound students, advises current and future inbound and outbound students and assists with orientation and other program activities and trips.

Giving Back

Rotex students are a huge help to Rotary Youth Exchange District 5180, especially during orientations and helping students with every step of the exchange experience, from cultural adaptation and re-adaptation to simply being there to answer questions based on their own experiences.

Rotex is dedicated to:

  • Supporting the current inbound students
  • Giving guidance and support to future outbound students
  • Increasing the awareness of the Youth Exchange Program in Rotary and the community
  • Maintaining close connections to other RYE alumni
  • Connecting potential host families with the Rotary Clubs
  • Coordinating with Rotary Clubs in surrounding districts to promote the Youth Exchange Program
  • Helping to advocate for and ensure the continued success of Rotary Youth Exchange

To learn more about Rotex in district 5180, contact Jeannine Sparks, District RYE Chairperson.