Club Youth Exchange Officers (YEO)

So, you are the new YEO (Youth Exchange Officer) for your club. Now what? What does your role entail? What can you expect?

The YEO oversees all the Youth Exchange activities for the club. They coordinate the first interviews with Outbound Student candidates, help find host families for their Inbound students, and are the person in charge of the club’s exchange program. YEO’s should assist their club’s Inbound Student Counselor in making sure their exchange student attends Rotary meetings and participates in service projects, events, and other appropriate activities.

The YEO is also who the Inbound Student Counselor will reach out to first should there be some challenges occurring with your exchange student or a host family. The YEO and Counselor are the support system and advocates for the club’s exchange student. Assisting with cultural differences, language difficulties, and school success are all important for their exchange student having a successful exchange year.

YEOs are background checked and approved participants in the District’s RYE program and members of the District’s RYE committee. They work closely with their Club President to ensure their student has a successful year, as well as the District Inbound and Outbound Coordinators and the RYE Chair when appropriate and needed.